Hotel Jott wie Jäger conferences

Modern Conferences
The ‘Modern’ conference room is the largest one available. In true conferencing flair, it offers space for up to 80 people and can also be converted to incorporate a restaurant style for celebratory events as required. This room and its laminate flooring are everything you need for a professional event, given that all the important components such as lights, acoustics and audio-visual technology are already a fixed part of the planning.
Starting From € 500,00 per Day
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Classic Conferences
This room comfortably offers enough space for up to 20 people. Whether it's for presentations, training sessions or straightforward meetings. This room also incorporates an integrated screen.
Starting From € 250,00 per Day
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Tradition Conferences
This event room offers space for up to 14 people. Famous guests such as German poet Hoffmann von Fallersleben have sat at this old oak table, which can be extended as needed. Given that this room has a certain history, it was our intention to refine the space with visible tradition.
Starting From € 100,00 per Day
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Clubroom Conferences
Starting From € 200,00 per Day
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